Member Login is by far the best place to sell your car in Central Florida because of our years in business, experience, fairness.

Customer service

Best place to sell your cars

We treat our customers right we don’t lie to them and also we are licensed insured and bonded not to brag
but reality is reality the State of Florida does require anyone who buys cars of course if you buy cars you sell cars.

Florida law

Anyone who purchases more than 3 Cars a year has to be licensed for many reason
One n is to protect the customer from fraud
Two is evading taxes, three code enforcement
you just can’t buy a car and start a car business in your backyard.

Illegal sales

Vehicles cannot be stored in your backyard especially here in Florida because of insects rodents and other animals or store without a tag or current registration.

More cash

We pay more money; because we can afford to pay our customers thats why they refer us !

Word of Mouth is the best way of advertising we sometimes Auto Experts of Florida LLC we are waiting for your phone call as we speak to other customers.

It gets to a certain point the very beloved vehicle that you had faith in you even gave it a nickname she has reached what we call end of life it’s not the end of the world cars break down all the time the

problem is today’s cars my own my opinion that’s the next mechanic

I don’t think today’s cars 99% of mechanics understand how today’s cars really work that’s one of the reasons why most people go out and buy a new car because you make an appointment mechanic and find what’s wrong with

the car next thing you know come back tomorrow you missing work you’re frustrated you’re pissed off nothing gets done car does not get fixed they still charge you some sort of administration charge if you’re going through

that leave the car at the shop will purchase the car it’s out of your hair the money we give you you turn that in to get a new car as a deposit

How much can you get for a junk car?

How can I junk my car?

Do I get money for scrapping my car?

Can I junk my car without the title?