Used Cars

 Used car world of buying- there are many titles such as we “buy junk cars, we pay for used cars, we buy SUVs, we purchase running cars,” if you look online every website has some meta tag when you read it at the end of the day it all means the same thing at apluswrecker.Com we specify what we buy when we get there.

Please text 407-666-4216

 We don’t necessarily buy junk cars that’s just a metaphor tagline cliche everybody uses, buy good running cars IS OUR BUSINESS
paying good money depending on the type of car- the year and the condition that it is paying  up to $3,500 as long as the Merit is there.

Get more money

If you have a vehicle that you are doubting to call a website that specifies that we buy junk cars Orlando! That seemed wishy-washy tagline everybody uses don’t hesitate to call us 407-666-4216 or even text us.

Qualified used car dealers

because we are qualified car dealers that come to you and can prove that we are licensed by the state of Florida and purchase your car or make you a good offer for your car in most cases; if you don’t sell us your car we can guide you towards the right path of where to sell your vehicle


Whether it’s a flood, mechanic special,  accident total loss, if it’s worth buying a plus wrecker will buy it we are right here one phone call away if we can’t make it we’ll send it over to you we even buy car loans that you haven’t done paying for for instance if you have a vehicle that you owe $2,000 on it you want to get out of it we can pay the loan and take the car and get you out of the debt.