Towing junk car service Orlando

Towing junk car service near you s one phone call away! Yes just dial 407-666-4216 and we will give you an unbeatable offer for your car.

Foreign and domestics

We pay much more for most foreign vehicles like Honda or Toyota vans so call us first call us last to sell your junk van truck or SUV

Bad transmission?

Costly problem! some transmissions can be as costly as 5000 dollars to repair depending on what you have as a vehicle.

Bad motor/ engine

Don’t take the chance on putting some used engine in your vehicle it will only turn into a new headache

from a knocking connecting rod bearing to bad cylinder head its a waste of time these days.

Car overheats

The mechanic said he can fix it by removing the cylinder heads, taking to them a machine shop after that all will be fine- Don’t waste your money

Car accident

The insurance company totaled it, call us to buy it because you can refuse for them to take it away to co-part auto auction


Tired of going back to a mechanic for the same thing?

I can imagine- Mechanics are treated poorly by the public because of the nature of their job

They are called thieves, dishonest etc…

But we never realize we will need them someday

kinda like a racist person who gets into a car accident to be rescued by an EMT OF THE RACE THAT HE OR SHE HATES,(BUMMER).

Mechanics know that so there is also a distrust to the public

also because there is no loyalty from the customers.
Sort of like dammed if you attitude.

A down payment on a new car

Would be a wise decision to avoid all of the above just add to the solution by calling us to buy your car and pay