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Apluswrecker a company located in Central Fl- Buying and paying cash for cars, used, crashed, burned, in any condition our goal is ensure customer satisfaction.

Whats needed to sell your car


If you are in need to sell your car all we need is just title, keys and some basic info about the vehicle truck or van.



Apluswrecker is licensed by the the state of Florida, and abide by HSMV to the fullest extent,when you sell your vehicle to us rest assure we are a license dealer not some middleman or broker! So you are in good hands with us.

Your at home here!

Feel at ease to sell your car at will, don’t get frustrated having been all over the internet trying to fine a sane company to even talk to that makes sense or to even answer simple questions about the vehicle your trying to sell.


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We have many ways to communicate, by text, email, or phone. 407-666-4216

We are standing by waiting for you locally when you call us we are here locally in the Orlando area.

Apluswrecker the Oldest junk car removal website since the days of dial up winning customer hearts one junk car at time.



Apluswrecker has tons of references in this town from our longevity and good will in the junk car removal industry and has held many awards in the field of removing and paying for cars In the Orlando Metro areas.

Intelligent, successful, attractive people can be intimidating,

To Succeed As An Experience Business, Find The Heart Of Your Story- Be good or be good at it.


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Location Orlando Florida

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Get a free online trade in appraisal in minutes without having to come to the dealership. Get cash or trade it in for any car on our lot.

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