crushing cars business

Sell junk car-The most obvious reason is for profit. But it helps the environment,scrapping, shredding and junking cars etc..

Recycling cars is a lucrative business, again it makes environmental sense.


Once cars are crushed, they’re bought to a recycling center where they are shredded  into small pieces, which are then sorted into various metals. You got the point.

Below  describes EPA emission regulations and requirements for importing into the United States:

  • motor vehicles
  • motor vehicle engine
  • heavy-duty on-highway engines
  • recreational vehicles (dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, including snow equipement)
  • Green fueled  engines (generators, watercraft, and lawn and garden equipment)

The following links provide detailed information on EPA’s importation regulations and requirements:

We do not recycle cars

Need to sell  junk car Apluswrecker as a local licensed car dealer will be glad to give you a good price for your vehicle especially if it is under 100,000 miles, or a foreign car such as a Honda or a Toyota.

Buy My Junk Car Orlando CASH With Title Keys!

If you have an old junk car, used truck or van with title the right year- We will buy it? In some cases we run the VIN number before we quote you.
To ensure a good sale without any issues, some vehicles may have liens without you knowing that or may have been reported stolen

By law

We abide by flhsmv laws in Florida along with the second hand dealer laws to again ensure safety and good business practice and safety to cover ourselves as a company