Sell your hybrid vehicle

Looking to sell your hybrid vehiclehybrid cars we buy dealerships near me

do you have a hybrid vehicle you are willing or looking to sell because of a problem that you cannot afford to fix?

Fossil fuel

well the whole intention of creating the hybrid car was to reduce dependency on foreign oil not knocking the idea while it sounded good at first

I don’t think we were ready to flood the market with hybrid vehicles for the simple fact that no one knows how to fix them

Hybrid car components

if anybody has a little knowledge about hybrid cars it has two components one is called ice which is the internal combustion engine the other one is called a Synergy Drive. 

The electric motor

Synergy Drive is the transmission in a lump sum it has high voltage that can kill a man

if you choose to repair it yourself you have to have at least the know-how and understanding on what’s going on inside the electrical system

High voltage

Hybrid car has high voltage that it takes to operate the vehicle yes it does have a battery that looks like a regular battery

that battery is a battery that operates the accessories

the engine that cuts off at a certain mileage  then the electrical engine takes over most vehicles have batteries that sits underneath the driver

Repair cost

those batteries today are the leading causes as to why people would like to get rid of their hybrid cars, we buy hybrid vehicles from Toyotas Hondas Nissans.

CDMA light is on? more than likely you have a battery issue which can be around $3,500 to repair

from the first generation second generation to the current generation they are very expensive to repair if you have a hybrid car you would like to sell 407-666-4216.