Ocoee cash for used cars

Ocoee fl If we can help you better by buying your used car than selling you a new one, we’re happy to buy. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a risk-free appraisal. No Obligations Remember that we’ll buy your used car even if you don’t buy a vehicle from us. No purchase is necessary to take advantage of what we’re offering. Our job isn’t to trick you into owing us or giving your car away for less than it’s worth.

Apluswrecker.com have been removing junk cars in the Ocoee Winter Garden Apopka gotha area for 20 years kudos to Apluswrecker.com for being one of the first junk car removal websites in your area

local company


When you deal with a plus wrecker you deal with a local company not a broker not some out-of-state answering machine that’s going to take your vehicle and pass it on.

After you sell your vehicle you are left wondering where your car is going to go, that’s not how we operate- We provide a receipt afte you sign title with keys and we explain how end-of-life of a vehicle Works to give you peace of mind.

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There are horror stories about people’s cars ending up in bank robberies and then accidents and local police traces the car back to the original owner that failed to get information as to where their vehicle was going to go or even bother to transfer title from owner a to buyer in this case as a seller to purchaser .


The genuine junk car removal company in Central Florida removing and buying junk vehicles,one at a time every time some one calls we execute.
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Apluswrecker.com a better company that offers more money every time we purchase a car we value our customers every customer is treated like kings and queens



we do not under priced a vehicle simply because we believe that customers have an idea even is a junk car their minds are preset as to how much their car is worth how much they are looking to get for it if we say your car is worth

Money guaranteed


$300 we going to bring $300 cash when I going to get there and say well I’ll give you 150 because you didn’t tell me it had a broken windshield that’s one of the reasons

why we make sure when we speak over the phone you send us pictures the whole characteristics of the whole situation location and so forth so we do not disappoint our customers. apluswrecker.com Orlando junk car removal
A Leading junk Car Dealer For Over 20 Years