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Looking for More Cash For Junk cars? You probably have tons of questions about selling a junk car in Orlando Fl We will try to answer as many of questions possible below, feel free to call us today with any specific ones at 407-666-4216 or text guaranteed cash offer for your car.


End of Life

1. What is considered a Junk Car in Orange County Fl? Typically, a Junk car means a car that is at its end of it’s life. But we still buy cars that still run and drive. End of life is truly when the car is on its last leg, there is a very complicated process to end of life.

Unlicensed activity

2. Who Else Buys Junk Cars for Cash ? You probably found us by searching ” Google for cash for cars” With out a doubt you have found tens of websites advertising, and tons of others appear under AD buy junk cars for cash ADS. We want you to sell your car to A LICENSE BUSINESS like us not some tow company


If your car is running and driving, you can call local used car dealer like us and sell your car at peace of mind, no worries about your car being driven with no insurance or end up at some crime scene. Remember if you sold your car and did not transfer title! You still own the car.


Free towing


We are able to tow your car for free meaning we pay you instead ; a higher value than you might get calling an individual which might try to charge for towing, be sure you ask. Many of the local junk car buyers have contracts with these very well advertised websites that are not licensed anywhere.

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