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You’re in the right place if you are looking to sell your junk car, call us and last to see what the prices are for the day or if you are on the website you can contact us.

Types of cars

When it comes to buying running car we primarily deal in foreign mainly in Japanese-brand cars, , German, high-performance. however when it comes to junk cars we will buy anything you may have and want to sell. From pickups, vans, midsize sedans of any size

There are all valid concerns.

you should have looking to sell your car. You should worry about where your car is going and who is buying it, are they licensed by the state or just some tow company? it can take hours of effort and brain damage to get to the bottom of trying to find this info out. Its not embarrassing, at all to ask a company if they are legit.

Apluswrecker.com do not sell parts

like a junk yard does but we buy salvage automobiles and used ruining vehicles with mechanical issues, so make the phone call if you have one for sale, call,click, or text 407-666-4216 instead of putting yourself through such aggravation, why not let us lend a helping hand? We know what these dealers as well as private party buyers are looking to give you.

Sell for top dollar.

Our dealer top dollar for cars, no negotiating skills to deal with private party buyers or try to bully people into selling their car for a price much lower than what it’s worth, or than negotiated You can rest assure that if you decide to sell to us we will be more than glad to keep our word consign your car through us; we will negotiate hard and get you the most cash for your car that we possibly can.