If you are  are looking to purchase a used car, truck, van or SUV-407-666-4216

Local car dealer-Give us a call our car dealership we sell pre-owned inspected qualified vehicles.

Type of vehicles we sell

From domestic to foreign- By choice we can also pick a vehicle that fits your needs

for instance a soccer mom would rather have a minivan, we have studied DEMOGRAPHIC NEEDS AND TSB’S FOR YEARS and have enough experience did determine

what  type of vehicles to sell to our customers to ensure long lasting satisfaction to the demographics we serve as a car dealer. We are experienced auto technicians.

Not car salesmen there is a huge difference

After asking a few questions we will be able to determine your car need right away, a contractor needs a cargo van for work, while a bachelor would desire a 2 door coupe.

Its not profiling its experience years of it-Waste no time call the auto experts of Florida to speak to our certified technicians and get advice.


With tons of experience patience most of all perseverance to win our customers hearts 1 at a time. you let us know what type of car you want

We deliver

Or are looking for, when would you like to have the car delivered to you what type of budget you are working with .

We will be more than happy to help you out we guarantee what we do we warranty what we do  back up what is said.

Customer satisfaction

At auto experts of Florida we strive on keeping our customers happy and creating a world of experience to make a difference

Most sold vehicles

Ford F-Series a contractors choice the Chevrolet Silverado a large family would buy, the Dodge Ram pick up truck a handyman’s choice.

Rav 4 Toyota seats up to 5 passengers
Nissan Rogue, Toyota Camry, Honda CR-V, Civic.

I would not sell you what I wouldn’t buy for my family

Highlighted Features

Self picked

Our cars are chosen by ASE certified  mechanics in other words chosen for you before hand

Free advice

Even if you dont buy from us we will give free advice to ensure a good decision even elsewhere

Wireless Connectivity

Cal me, text me Email me with any doubts about buying a car I wlll always answer


0% APR Financing

Maintenance & Service Membership

That is done before any vehicle is sold- Don’t wt worry we repair our cars before we sell them

Want to Trade-In Or Sell Your Used Car?

Get a free online trade in appraisal in minutes without having to come to the dealership. Get cash or trade it in for any car on our lot.

Buy a car of your choice at the comfort of your home


from 1000


To 2000 Dollars