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  • What vehicles do you purchase, I have one for sale? buys all vehicles in any conditions, sarts or not, any make or model, cars, trucks vans and SUV’s. We also buy mack trucks or any diesl product.
    How do I sell my junk car to Apluswrecker?Sell us your car, when ready:By leaving us a message or just a phone call(407) 666-4216 or requesting a quick online fast quote.
    Tell the problem is with the car.
    For Example, bad transmission, or engine
    Once we set a deal we will pay you cash and tow it for free.
    We pay cash on the spot, the same day

    Do I need keys or title to sell my used car?

    In the state of Florida once you own the vehicle you can sell it to another person with or without having a physical paper title using a DMV form of transfer ship with your thumb print and the proper ID .

    What if I have an electronic title ?

    We can buy the car with an electronic title but you as the owner has to pay to get it transferred or printed to Apluswrecker as a company that is buying the car from you as the original owner of the car.

    What if I don’t kow what is wrong with it?

    With a few questions and answers we can determine what is wrong with any vehicle as to what brings you to make a decision to sell it. Certain symptoms can be almost self explanatory.

    What if its been abandoned and has flat tires?

    No worries we will flatbed tow any vehicle that is not on wheels,been abandoned as long as you show proof of ownership to us just let us know ahead of time meaning before we show up to your place.

    Do you buy foreign cars?

    Apluswrecker definitely buys foreign cars from toyotas, Hondas, Acuras, SUV’S and trucks the later the year the more we pay you, we can pay up to one thousand dollars for most cars under ten years old.

    Do you buy running cars?

    We do buy used running cars with or without a loan on it! We can also get you out of your loan depending on the amount, just release all info to us and we will determine wether or not we can do it.

    Do you serve my Orlando area?

    Apluswrecker serves all of Central Florida?

    We do not advertise that we are all over, because we are not the areas we serve are the areas we stick to not to create any confusion or to tempt us into hiring a third party ot serve an area we are not in.

    Do you guys sell parts?

    No unfortunately Apluswrecker does not sell parts