Junk yards that buys cars in Orlando that pays more money

Cash money

Apluswrecker.com is war cash for used disabled abandoned vehicles

if you have one ? the right number to call is 407-666-4216 to sell your junk car

we buy trucks vans SUVs most of all we’re on time we pay what we say we pay

Mechanic special

junk car mechanical trouble give us a call , abandoned car ,give us a call wrecked accident car

give us a call total loss by the insurance company or the car’s been towed ?

Been towed

will even pay the impound lot to get the car out

don’t hesitate to give us a call contact us on the website Clickers send us a text

we will respond within the same day or hour you do not pay for towing

when you deal with Apluswrecker.com the towing is free

we can pay up to $1,000 for vehicles that are 10 years or younger

for instance Toyota Vans Honda vans sedans Toyota Camry Honda sedans


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Code Enforcement issue


code enforcement can be very harsh on abandoned vehicles

Orange County Florida law says if you have a vehicle you are willing to keep but that is out of service

you must either cover it up keep it inside or put a tag on it keep the tires inflated it must be moved every 60 days from one spot to another.

Abandoned junk Vehicles can Harbor animals such as wasps raccoons rats in the other dangerous animals that can be a danger to kids especially

the county will not encourage anyone to keep a junk car especially in developing areas such as Orlando city or county