Junk cars Orlando

We all can agree that selling your junk car for cash can be a crazy task in Orlando,

Paper work

From finding the right papers signing over even sometimes in the wrong place, finding a scrap yard you can trust.

Apluswrecker junk cars Orlando fl

Offers a smooth way out of the delema, call us,get a quote,get paid free towing within minutes you are done.

Cash paid for junk cars Orlando

Cash is king -Some companies have the nerve to offer gas cards, some hotel stay gimmick or out of stae company checks.

Since 1998

Hundreds of thousands of transactions with the twenty years of existance; proudly buying and paying cash.

Time consuming

You do not want to be held at the line before some scale to junk your car!
You can have hundreds of othe companies ahead of you.

Pricing for junk cars

You have no clue how the pricing junk car price is calculated you read one thing they do another.


Most junk cars are not insured by the time you get ready to junk it, either you take a chance driving it or pay a tow company.

Our job is to

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