Car auctions


can be somewhat tricky especially when you are not a dealer
You may end up buying something you did not intend to just by not understanding the lingua

That’s why you have to have a professional car dealer to assist you when buying a vehicle

Is the public allowed

Unfortunately the public is no longer allowed at any Manhein or Sadisco auto auctions because of pass improper behavior by the guests

A dealer must now do the buying at most auctions and sell to the public after all the proper paper work is done

Car dealer auctions was intended solely for car dealers which pays a bond and insurance among other fees to keep their dealers license

For profit

A dealer has to make a profit to keep up with the bills fpr many years they would involve the public into buying cars

At an auction for a fee only to find themselves in a tax burden

When you analyze that situation the customers comes out ahead, when the dealer makes stupid moves like that.


Need a car from the auction


Contact us if you do there are ways we can work it out for both car dealer and customer can be happy at the end of the deal


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