Apopka Florida junk car removal

Apopka cash for cars


Apopka |If you live in Apopka you have a vehicle you would like to sell get in touch with us.

We buy cars,trucks, vans at reasonable prices, hassle free once you contact us and you have the proper credentials such as keys, title and info about the vehicle.

Once we’ve established a relationship from dealer to client if you have a friend whom at sometime will be selling a car in Apopka feel free to contact us.

We will pay you a finders fee.

Our service in the Apopka area is usually the same day, we do not keep you waiting for some local third party.

Money Guarantee Cash in hand

Call us 407-666-4216 call or text to speak directly to a rep or use our simple online contact us to get your cash offer in the Apopka area

Real easy

Selling your car in Orlando, Apopka couldn’t be easier!
Quick and prompt Service – Get paid cash and we will be out of the way before you can even realize we were there*

Apluswrecker.com do the towing ourselves you do not pay for the tow

Types of conditions

We dont just buy junk cars in Apopka we also buy good runing cars from mechanice specials to repairables,damged,accidents,rebuildables etc…

Foreign or domestics

If happen to have any brand name for foreign and domestics we cn make you a good offer From hundreds to thousands same day service.


Be sure you sell your car to a licensed company to avoid problems with the law! you can very well be in trouble if some one commits a crime with your vehicle

The best way to ensure that you car is in god hands after selling it is to do a little homework like ask the company for sate of Florida credentials


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