Wholesale is the right way to buy cars if you are in he car buying market or industry if you can repair them.


Going to the auction is the most conservative way to do business in the car industry because the requirements are rigorous.

Trying to start a car dealer for many reasons can be a rough ride! From experience I can guide you from making the most common mistakes in this business and get you on your way to making money when you first start out that’s why¬†

Wholesale car dealer sales
Wholesale car dealer sales


Did you know most car dealers fail with the first two years of their existence because people get into something that hey have no Idea about.


It is best to buy cars as a wholesale dealer, take your time to fix them and re-sell them in the right market, 99 percent of car dealers have no clue about fixing a car.
They go to the auction and just bid away foolishly.


Buy a car at 50 percent off fix it, sell it without any worries, the auction is the best buy ever if you want to make it in this business.

When you need to go to an auction to purchase any car, truck, ATV, SUV whole or for parts call us 407-666-4216 you will meet real experience.

Not some joker with a thick accent who’s looking to make an auction fee.