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You do not have to walk in !

We come to you …Walking into a dealership trying to trade your car can be a nightmare, that’s why we offer free pick at your  domicile ! from home or office,we eliminate the anxiety and the ignorance having to deal with people that has no clue about your needs. Aplus wrecker ranks hire in customer service in central Florida in the car buying field,yes we can prove  it we  rank the highest that’s why we were nominated the ”junkcarking” by the public after may visits to customers home purchasing cars and asking questions regarding a survey that was their opinion we took it and and ran with it we were also nominated best wrecker service by the chamber of commerce year after year we received plaques awards etc… With today’s technology we are now able to better ourselves in the field of junk car purchasing ,you can now text us,Email-us or send a voice on wats app all at your finger tips.


Prodly serving the disney ,universal,holly land,epcot center areas of attraction we are privilleged to be part of an iconic world of fun in central florida APLUSWRECKER CASH FOR CARS is alaways on duty satisfying and wining customers hearts one at a time