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Orlando Florida ! Sell Us Your Junk your Car

in Orlando fl
if you have a damaged or junk car in you’re trying to get rid of? that’s good! We are here to purchased your damaged junk cars or mechanical specials,from accidents,floods,crashes,accidents etc… With some basic information we can get started, within minutes your quote is ready instantly. From any make or model truck van,or SUV at any location , work , home on the side of the highway ! Vehicles that are ten years or younger will be worth more so you can make more money, for example toyota trucks,SUV’S sedans Nissan ,infinity,acura,honda vans we pay top dollar for those

The towing is free of charge , you do not pay for it once a price has been established and we agree on a price its down hill form there we have it all under control. As info to car sellers in the state of Florida should know that any car buying junk-yard scrap yard has to do what is called ”End of life” after purchasing your vehicle meaning the DMV has to clear the vehicle from their system that is the responsibility of the car buyer.