Damaged cars wanted

Get cash for your junk car unfortunately cash for junk cars near methere is a  great amount of junk car businesses that are just internet websites and Google cannot regulate this industry by verifying if these companies are licensed not most  of them are just junk car brokers ,

May the best man survive in this industry we truly believe being one of the oldest junk car businesses in Central Florida we have an edge over the fictitious so-called junk car companies let’s see what happens with these tariffs because most junk cars are scrapped Mulch and shipped over to China. That being said not every car is considered a junk car if a vehicle is less than 10 years old like an Infinity that’s been hit in the back the insurance company finds a way the total loss it.

That’s not necessarily a junk car that is a vehicle that can be purchased as a used car with a title and can be repaired registered insured and get back on the road that’s the difference between this company -We buy used vehicles outright have the customer sign title and beforehand the customer is told that this car will be repaired you will sign title over to the owner and it will be taken out of your name.

That’s one of the things when you have some out-of-state lead company that you buys your car to then they send someone else has a third-party to pick the car up then it’s gone, I truly believe in most cases it goes into a scrap system but mysteriously somehow that car can reappear five years later and some bank robbery I don’t want to startle anybody because there’s something called the end of life that the vehicle has to go through to eliminate that Vehicles record it is always best to ask the person that’s picking your car up those types of questions or even initially when you speak to that person over the phone with that unknown 800 number.

End of life

The website nmvtis is called the national motor vehicle system that takes care of end-of-life or you may call your local DMV Department of Motor Vehicles in find out what in the life means so that way you’ll understand what end-of-life means your car is not going to end up somewhere that or would someone that you didn’t sell your vehicle to, that’s one of the reasons why when the insurance company total loss your car they take title they then auction off the car to a buyer such as salvage or rebuildable dealer by that time it’s out of your name.

Total loss

if you get into an accident do you have a right to refuse to total loss your vehicle, you can also sell it outright to an outsider some insurance companies would agree and some insurance companies would drop you as a client but it is your right to say I want to keep the car and want to sell it to someone else if you choose to.

 What is the car worth

At that point you are left wondering what the car is worth to answer that question in a nutshell a vehicle that’s been in an accident it’s only worth the parts that it’s put  been put together there is no real NADA Book value as to how much your car is worth there is a ballpark of calculating the year the brand type of car the extent of the damage that a Junk Salvage Company can determine how much they will pay you however you have the right to bargain ”hey this is a
2010 Lexus I want 700 or I want 1500;” most junk yards will offer 300.
if you have the ability yourself to take it apart with proof that the motor and transmission is running I am pretty sure there is an owner out there that’s looking to buy your engine to save
themselves money, from my experience I’ve never been able to put together a book value on a what’s called a junk disabled abandoned crashed accident vehicle simply because most of us are not Automotive appraisers.
after the appraiser himself has determine the amount of damage that’s been done to the vehicle he can more or less l say with the vehicle is worth to fix not with the vehicle’S worth to sell after doing the evaluation then the vehicle is taken to a shop to do what is call the tear down once the tear down is done that’s when the total loss Factor comes in the damages of the vehicle is it worth fixing has it exceeded the third of the value of the car X the mileage and everything else that’s how to do with  determining total loss.
At this point is it worth fixing in some states after fixing it will it pass inspection some states have emissions inspection some states may have what it’s called physical inspection such as framework damage work will this car get into another accident and come apart, is it safe on the highway however, States like Florida could care less it goes on and on you have to have been in this industry a long time to understand how this stuff works most people don’t.
let say you go to the auction and you buy a car that says rebuildable means that you can put the car back together as an experience Collision mechanic and go through an inspection process get a a new vin sticker on the door that says this vehicle has been rebuilt recovered from an accident however the value is not the same if you’re good enough to fix it make it look good you can resell having  the title itself you must disclose the fact to the buyer that the vehicle is a rebuildable vehicle
My experience if a vehicle that’s been hit in the front it is a disaster a vehicle that’s been hit on the side I wouldn’t trust, but  a vehicle that’s been hit in the back rear quarter panel great if you can fix it and make it look good I think it’s safe and can be put back on the road in a nutshell I hope I gave you something to read in to understand when you go out after you’ve been in an accident sold your car to some junk company and you decide to go out and find another car do your research and find out if the car has been in an accident because 90% of the time these fly-by-night Collision mechanics  put these cars together make them look pretty with Bondo and paint next thing you know you get into another accident the things splits apart and some Main Highway in America thank you for reading.

Car alignment -tip of the day

The name of the poor alignment game is uneven tire wear. Ideally, tires should wear evenly across the tread. If you’re noticing excessive wear on the rear inside tires, you may have too much junk in the trunk or need an alignment adjustment. Uneven tire wear can also result in less MPGs and more pain at the gas pump.