$Cash$ for junk cars todayCash for junk cars today

Cash! we are your local buyer if you have a vehicle that you no longer need well that is taking space or a vehicle that you are tired of spending money on we will buy it we will pay money for it we will tow it and you will pay no money for the tow a plus wrecker that is what we do been in business in Orlando for the last 22 years if you want to get rid of that SUV pickup truck vehicle whether it’s damaged flood or you just wanted out the way you have the title in the keys you give us a call 407-666-4216. Once you have confirmed with the insurance company they decide to pay for the vehicle do not let them impound it to an auction you have a right to keep your car to make extra cash. Sell your car today.

The insurance company does not own your car! You do, you have the right to keep your vehicle even after an accident in which they would consider a total loss, you have the right to refuse the offer and sell your vehicle to a company of your choice