Car broke down? Need a towCar broke down? Need a tow
Car broke down ?

Regardless of how well you maintain your car, situations alike aren’t always avoidable. Although it’s frustrating and maybe a teeth grinding moment.

Just stop talk a deep breath grab your phone and call 407-666-4216 explain the situation.

Leave the other steps up to us Whether you have motor club to rely on, or need to your car call us directly.

In the mean time before we come there are a few things you can do to make the whole ordeal less exasperating.


over while coasting when the vehicle shuts off.
You should avoid stopping in a curve or by a hill if you are able to do so. Turn Your Hazard lights on On with ignition off.

Try not to panic by opening the car door especially on a main highway.

use the passenger side door to exit the vehicle go as far as you can from the road.

When the tow truck arrives do not rush over to it,wait for instructions.
Always pull


Once you have stopped your vehicle and ensured that it is completely out of the flow of traffic
Always give the driver the proper instructions the first time because your phone may die
Update Friends or Family  after you have called your motor club provider or a tow truck
Give your friends our number just in case you lose charge or click on
If you can walk to near by illuminated area if need be call 911 they can assist you while we come
Leave the keys in a secret place and let us know where to avoid coming back to the site.

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