Broke down in the middle of the road?

Breaking down is not a good feeling we all can share some of that situation a little or maybe more so than others.

Broke down in the middle of the road?

People are procrastinators by nature ” The car will wait till pay day ” Lord let me make it home just about every prayer is said until that last minute.


What was the problem to begin with? Well! All it did was shake at 55MPH
but I did not ever think that spindle would come off in the middle of the highway.


Unless you are a mechanic you should not take anything for granted when it comes to hearing noise when you drive a car.
You should always at least ask for advice.


It is not an alignment problem if your car shakes at 55mph it has to do with wheel balancing.

Leaks at the front end of a vehicle sounds like something needs attention, like ball joints, bushings and so forth.
Catalytic converter

When the inside of your vehicle gets extremely hot that’s  an indication that you may have a bad catalytic converter.
dangerous especially around gas stations due to sparking
A loud noise such as a leaking exhaust leak sounds very .