Safety tips.

Wen you break down on a very fast traffic moving highway be very careful when you exit your through the drivers side observe the trafic carefully turn on any enrgency traffic warning device that you may have in your posession avoid exting from the roadside if you can.

Pulling over 

As soon as you notice a problem with you slowing down turn on your hazzard lights let the vehicle itself come to a slow down while pulling over,some of our highways(sr 408) here in Orlando do ot have much of an emergency lane get as close as you can to the wall and leave just door opening space.     

The move over law

You must no matter what move away from any non moving traffic that has  don't try to figure it out just move over.









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Who we are

We specialize in Auto , Truck, Flatbed,rollback, Light & Medium Duty, no Motorcycle . We provide Local and long distance Tows and hauling.  call us now to speak to one our our experts for a quote or any need regarding our Company! Our operators are standing by!

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Emergency response even  at your door step

 includes Tire Changes, Jump Starts, Lockouts, Fuel Delivery, and Off Road recovery. We provide 24-hour quick response at competitive prices. Don't find yourself stranded with out having our phone number handy even if you do not need us right away keep the this telephone number 407-666-4216 just in case you break down.
 removal of junk clunker for free at no charge to our customers if you have any sort of abandonement  on your premises you feel is being a nuisance,or an eye soar to you and your community we are qualified by law to legally remove that problem,the police cant help in that specific situation call APLUSWRECKER TO THE RESCUE .

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